About Us

CANDOUR TECHTEX LIMITED(Formerly known as Chandni Textiles Engineering Industries Limited) is a leading textile machinery manufacturer of Two-For-One Twisting machines (TFO) since 1990 in technical collaboration with South Korean company for blue chip textile mills like Raymond's, Birla group, Bhilwara Group, Arvind Group, Oswal Group etc. The company did extremely well, however, the business of the company was affected due to the severe competition from cheaper imports of secondhand machinery due to change in government policy during the reform process encouraging easy imports of new and secondhand textile machinery. However, this abrupt change in government policy proved to be a harbinger of emerging vast business opportunity of sourcing used machinery and equipment.What began as machinery and equipment sourcing activity, as an additional source of income over 15 years ago has now blossomed into a full fledged platform ready to exploit this vast emerging business opportunity.

Main promoter and his Team.

Our main promoter Mr. Jayesh Mehta, Managing Director is a Textile Engineer from V.J.T.I., Mumbai and has 25 experience in the field of engineering.Both Mr. Mehta & his team of professionals have traveled worldwide several times over and have developed experience and expertise of sourcing, importing and supplying all types of used machinery and equipments.

Vast business opportunity

1.  Along with the speedy growth in the economy, there has been a huge growth in the distressed assets and distressed companies.
2.  As India is becoming cost conscious and globalised, there is a continuous pressure to look for equipment just as good as new but at a reasonable cost.
3.  The cost of brand new machinery is prohibitively high.